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Woodbridge, ON. (May 26, 2017) - TaylorMade Golf Canada’s Experiential Department today has announced a host of new options to serve Canadian golfers of all abilities with the introduction of 5 new TaylorMade Performance Centre (TMPC) locations, 12 renowned TaylorMade Master Fitters, plus the addition of 25 new TrackMan 4 Dual-Radar Technology Launch Monitors to their fitter’s tool-kit nationwide.

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Over the past decade, TaylorMade has built a robust service offering of high-level product experiences and custom fitting options to meet the needs of Canadian golfers.

“Fitting is not a trend. We’ve continued to watch custom fitting initiatives flourish over the past decade, but we felt there was still a gap in where we could meet the player and extend our hospitality to help them dial in the right specs for their game.”

David Bradley, Managing Director, TaylorMade Golf Canada

With this latest expansion, TaylorMade is proud to have partnered with some of Canada’s finest golf facilities to provide more options for Canadians to access a Tour-Grade fitting experience at one of five newly opened TaylorMade Performance Centre locations:


  • TMPC Calgary at Blue Devil GC, Calgary, AB
  • TMPC Waterloo at The Golf Performance Center at Whistle Bear GC, Cambridge, ON
  • TMPC Toronto at Lionhead GC, Brampton, ON
  • TMPC Montreal at Le Blainvillier, Blainville, QC
  • TMPC Quebec at b2golf, Quebec City, QC
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These new locations are in addition to successful existing operations including Toronto area TaylorMade Performance Labs (TMPL) TaylorMade-adidas Golf Canada HQ and Glen Abbey GC, along with existing TaylorMade Performance Centre locations in British Columbia at University Golf Club in Vancouver, and The Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna, providing extensive coverage coast-to-coast.


All TaylorMade Performance Centre locations offer:

  • Tour Grade 1:1 Fitting Session with a TaylorMade Master Fitter
  • Full Line of Custom Heads and over 200 Shaft Options to test
  • Private Test Area using TrackMan 4 Dual Radar Technology Launch Monitor
  • 1hr appointments to fit for Metalwoods, Irons, or Short Game, or popular 2hr Full Bag Fitting

A nominal fitting fee is charged on-site, but in addition to a great fitting, all guests are treated to a special player’s gift and receive on-going follow-up care once they receive their new equipment.


There has been a strong level of interest from players looking to get fit by TaylorMade’s very best. As a result, heavy investment into twelve highly trained TaylorMade Master Fitters has been made to offer mobile, tour-grade fitting and education events in most major Canadian markets. These specialists have TaylorMade's highest level of certification, use the best in TrackMan 4 Technology, and have an expansive selection of custom heads & shafts to test with. The challenge is that Masters Fitters cannot be everywhere, and nor can golfers.

“People’s lives are busier than ever, and it’s not uncommon for a player to miss an event at their local club, or want to test from a wider range of heads and shafts to dial in their specs. In past, this would present a challenge to find a date and time to access a perfect fit. With the introduction of these additional TMPC locations, more players of all abilities can book an appointment to get fit in a relaxed setting, at a time that fits their schedule.”

Cameron Jacobs, Experiential Manager

As with existing TMPL and TMPC locations, these new additions will serve as a service hub for all shops in the local market to be able to service their customers. Once specs are dialed in for the player, TaylorMade’s concierge service is available to assist the golfer to place an order back to their Home Club or preferred TaylorMade Authorized Retailer, guiding them through the process.

Each host location also features an on-site Pro Shop with a TaylorMade Certified Fitter on staff and a Select-Fit Premier Fitting Cart to be able to further assist players and accept orders from across the local market.

Nationally, TaylorMade has further invested in fitting expertise by placing TaylorMade Master Fitters in the following markets: Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Southwestern Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area, and Greater Montreal/Quebec to host tour-grade fitting events at golf facilities in each local market throughout the spring season, and operate out of TaylorMade Performance Labs, and TaylorMade Performance Centre locations.

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TaylorMade has also brought new technology on-board for 2017, equipping its Master Fitters and Territory Sales Representatives with the addition of 25 new TrackMan 4 Dual-Radar Technology launch monitors to deliver best-in-class data to the fitter to help dial in the right launch conditions for the player.

To support all of these new initiatives, golfers and industry professionals alike can access information, search for events, fitting cart locations and request appointments online at TaylorMadeFitting.ca

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Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, TaylorMade Golf is a leading manufacturer of high performance golf equipment with industry-leading innovative products like M3 and M4 metalwoods featuring Twist Face, M3 and M4 irons featuring RIBCOR and TP5/TP5X golf balls. TaylorMade is also a major force on the PGA TOUR with one of the strongest athlete portfolios in golf, that includes world no.1 Dustin Johnson and five of the current Top 10 in the world.

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Basé à Carslbad, en Californie, TaylorMade Golf est un chef de file dans la fabrication d’équipement de golf de haute performance, grâce notamment à des produits innovateurs tout à fait uniques comme les bois de métal M3 et M4, les fers M3 et M4 et les balles de golf TP5/TP5X. TaylorMade est également un joueur majeur au sein du circuit de la PGA avec l’une des équipes d’ambassadeurs les plus puissantes au golf, composée notamment du numéro un mondial Dustin Johnson et de 5 des 10 premiers au Classement mondial du golf.